Marvin Rex Lake, 24, has been charged with capital murder in the toddler’s death – Image: El Paso Police

Mirror Online: LONDON, England – A babysitter flew into a rage and killed a one-year-old boy with wrestling moves and an American football hold after the youngster ripped a pillow, it is alleged.

Marvin Rex Lake, 24, has been charged with capital murder – an offence that can be punishable by the death penalty, if convicted – in the death of toddler Ahren Joshua DeHart.
When he was first questioned, Lake, from the US city of El Paso, Texas, allegedly told detectives that he had no idea how Ahren suffered injuries including a fractured skull, brain damage and haemorrhaging of the lung.

But the babysitter later admitted using wrestling moves and putting the boy in an American football hold when he became angry after Ahren ripped a pillow, police claim.

A court affidavit obtained by KFOX 14 alleges Lake told police he had anger issues and didn’t know his own strength,

The suspect allegedly said: “I did not hurt his head. I only caused the internal injuries.”

Lake was watching Ahren and two other young children – a baby and a toddler – on April 12 while their mothers were at work.

The mother of the other children had a video call with Lake earlier in the evening and observed that Ahren appeared to be “in good health and alert, but was crying and fussy”, said police.

  • Top Feature Photo: One-year-old Ahren Joshua DeHart died in hospital after he was found injured at his babysitter’s home – Image: KFoxTV