Author Dr. Wayne Swan recently presented Premier David Burt with a copy of his book The Mountain We Climb when the two convened during a meeting at the Cabinet Office on February 6.

Following the presentation, the Premier thanked Dr Swan on Twitter, saying: “Thank you to Dr. Wayne Swan for gifting me with his book, ‘The Mountain We Climb’.

“It was a pleasure to meet him, his wife Francezia and Mrs. Simmons. I look forward to reading this inspiring account of his climb up Kilimanjaro.”

The book, which is available online, was descibed by Amazon as follows:

“Most people want to accomplish great things—improve their own lives and make the world better in some way. You might be thinking, But why does it have to be so hard?

“Life can seem like a constant battle—helping a loved one who just won’t listen, paying the light bill when there’s not enough money to go around, finding happiness when everyone around you says it’s impossible.

“Yet some people make impossible things happen: someone becomes a millionaire; somebody breaks a world record; someone else reaches the summit of a mountain; one person inspires millions while many struggle to even influence a single person.

“Contrary to popular belief, we all have the potential to do great things, to create the kind of life and happiness we desire. If you felt even the slightest doubt as you read that, you need to read this book!

“You don’t have to be told that there is a lot of negativity and opposition in life; if not from the people and things around us, then from our own insecurities from within.”

“Seeing the accomplishments of others gives us hope; it inspires and motivates us. We are able to see that doing the impossible is in fact possible. But this isn’t enough. We need to know how!”

For more information on the book and Dr. Swan, visit his website.