In follow up to our report filed on Wednesday (Sept 14), Bermuda Real has been informed by reliable sources that there are at least three inmates who have tested positive for COVID at the island’s maximum security prison.

This after we reported that there were at least two prison officers who tested positive with eight officers off the job in quarantine, due to close contact exposure.

The numbers were disclosed just prior to a meeting held by prison officials and officers Tuesday morning to discuss the current situation at the west end facility.

Bermuda Real also understands that three non-maximum security housing units, E1, E2, E3 and that E1 was turned into a unit just for inmates in this section who tested positive. 

E3 was placed on lockdown as well, as the prison officers who tested positive were working in that unit.

Meanwhile, prison service providers and/or vendors are limited to remote visits only.

No official word yet from prison officials, the Minister or the Ministry of National Security on the current state of affairs at Westgate Correctional Facility.

We’ll keep you posted.