• Written and Delivered for the Progressive Labour Party Gala at the Fairmont Southampton Resort on Saturday, November 18, 2017

We listened intently and hoped fervently

The Throne Speech: the agenda sweeping, progressive and clear fully of promise with prescriptions for justice, equality, opportunity and a new day now here

Priorities for

Diversifying Economics

Immigration Reform

Empowering Education

Workforce Development

A Living Wage

Invigorated Tourism and a Bermuda First Think Tank for social and economic growth 

New priorities for the now and for the future

Righting Wrongs systematically embedded moving boldly against odds strategically placed

From our children to our seniors and everyone in-between

We must know who We are, weeding hurtful thorns of mis-education, doubt, mistrust

Replacing stinging nettles with the healing balm of wise insights, compassionate understanding and sincere trust-building leading to warm collaborations as we actively work towards the Beloved Community we want and deserve

In education, understand a deep truth: the colonized curriculum has done real damage to Bermudian people of all persuasions along with inequities in facilities, support and technology

A historic wrong begging for correction will be transformed by real reforms delivered with verve and vision

Without a doubt, we all have unlearning work to do to cast off the legacy of mis-education and ignorance of a powerful struggle history that belongs to and binds, all of us in a web of mutuality critical to merging two Bermuda’s into a healed and powerful ONE

In economics, the work of our government to provide equal opportunity is just the beginning…

It is up to us to rebuild the bonds of economic cooperation, Black love, respect and care amongst us supporting each other with our dollars and giving our best to each other in return

No question job training and 21st century technology is required

But let’s be clear: We all have a vital part to play

As We are the ones we are waiting for!

Our purposeful engagement to actively grow Community is absolutely necessary to heal our young men, erase their alienation, ensuring they know we need them, love them and they are worthy

To be clear, we need all of our young people and we are the village who must nurture and encourage knowing that as the Community, we will be bereft without their vitality, gifts and talents 

Alas, the list of issues to be addressed is long from healthcare to housing, from banking to drug laws, from policing to clean energy, not to mention the cost of living, eating and surviving in paradise

But with acknowledgement of the issues, comes a visionary plan and talented people, committed to the health and welfare of Bermudians young and not so young

May the PLP government work diligently, delivering results worthy of the historic landslide election

An election that elated, delighted and inspired us

May they continue to inspire and motivate…

So we give thanks for this day 

We are grateful for those who paved the way

We give our full-throated support to our gifted leader, The Honourable Premier, Brother E David Burt knowing he is a Man of the People and WE are his People!

Ashay! It is good!

  • Mrs Melodye-Micere Van Putten, MA is an education consultant, award-winning poet and public speaker. She is the creator of Bermuda’s Ashay Programmes designed to inspire motivation, pride and knowledge of self. She is the author of numerous workbooks for adults, six books of poetry and four children’s books, including the coffee table book, Ashay! Bermuda History Stories for Children
  • Copyright – Melodye-Micere Van Putten KEPHRA PUBLICATIONS, Printed by BermudaReal.com with permission