Argus today announced it has donated $13,000 to support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education at Sandys Secondary Middle School, to purchase Google Chromebooks.

The new books, will be used to expand the school’s STEM education programme, by enabling students to learn about robotics, coding, calculations, engineering and open new avenues of research methods.

Photo Courtesy of Nhuri Bashir Studio/Troncossi: Technology Students at Sandys Secondary Middle School

The technology will also allow students to create multimedia presentations and to benefit from e-conferencing, and virtual learning experiences. Over 170 students will benefit from the new Chromebooks.

A spokeswoman said: “This donation marks the latest development in the partnership between Argus and Sandys Secondary Middle School.

“The relationship between the two organisations began in 2016, as part of Argus’ America’s Cup community outreach along with SoftBank Team Japan.

“Since then, Argus has supported the school’s STEM education through the provision of aquaponics kits, providing funding for science lectures and STEM related equipment,” she added.

STEM education is widely perceived to be a critical ingredient in the successful education of children. It has also proven “to develop critical thinking, creativity and science literacy and is vital for bridging gender and ethnic gaps which have been prevalent in math and science fields, both in education and in the workplace”.

Photo Courtesy of Nhuri Bashir Studio/Troncossi

While the US Department of Commerce has estimated that most jobs would grow 9.8 percent over the last ten years, STEM jobs would expand at a rate of 17 percent.

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer of The Argus Group, said: “We are pleased to be able to continue our relationship with Sandys Secondary Middle School and to support the growth of STEM education. STEM education teaches vital critical skills and equips for life in the modern world.”

Kalley Baxter-Williams, Acting Principal at Sandys Secondary Middle School, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Argus for their generous donation of $13,000 to our STEM programme. This will enable us to move closer to our goal of becoming a fully integrated STEM school.”