News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Economic Development Department (EDD) is pleased to open applications for the highly anticipated second annual global FinTech Education Programme. This transformative initiative is scheduled from 12 June to 14 July.

Participants in this rigorous programme will join a global cohort as it engages in live lectures, receives real-time instruction, and meets with mentors from locally-regulated FinTech companies. This programme is a pivotal opportunity to continue diversifying Bermuda’s workforce and prepare the youth for Bermuda’s burgeoning industry. By expanding their knowledge and network and transitioning into the local FinTech talent pool, participants will be well-poised to play a vital role in shaping Bermuda’s FinTech ecosystem.

“More FinTech companies are coming into Bermuda, and it is important that upon arrival, they find local talent that is well-versed in the industry and ready to drive the jurisdiction forward,” said Premier David Burt. “This programme ensures that the participants are sufficiently knowledgeable and connected to succeed in this environment.”

“The FinTech programme is an essential initiative that not only enhances Bermuda’s diversification but also prepares its workforce for this ever-evolving working world,” stated Minister Jason Hayward, Minister of Economy and Labour. “By participating in this programme, individuals can expand their knowledge, skill set, network, and be equipped to contribute to the local FinTech Sector.”

The EDD’s Fintech Training Programme is based on the ViableEdu Fintech Apprentice Program, which features a proprietary curriculum designed by BondCliQ and ViableMkts CEO Chris White. It will combine live online instruction, discussion sessions, in-person meetings, and forums. The programme comprehensively presents the mechanics of financial market systems and technology’s role in market development. It also includes additional modules, such as job preparedness and soft skills, which the Department of Workforce Development will present.

ViableEdu, which provides and delivers the training programme curriculum, was co-founded by Joel Brown-Christenson in 2020 to create free virtual learning opportunities worldwide for individuals interested in finance and fintech. He now serves as Co-Founder and Lead Program Director in the organisation. At the announcement of the Bermuda group’s successful programme completion in August 2022, Joel expressed: “ViableEdu was thrilled to be a part of this amazing initiative in Bermuda. We’re excited to help educate and train the future drivers of FinTech in Bermuda.”

The EDD’s Fintech Training Programme comprises interactive modules that leverage animated presentation materials, demonstrations, and stimulating discussions to articulate key concepts. Through it, participants will:

  1. Understand critical market concepts (ex: Liquidity)
  2. Examine the history of financial market evolution
  3. De-construct the key elements that influence market development
  4. Master the mechanics of electronic trading

Enrollment for the EDD’s Fintech Training Programme is now open, with an application deadline of 31 May. Classes and meetings will occur between 12 June and 14 July 2023, after which a formal graduation event will celebrate those who successfully complete the programme.

To assist those interested in participating in the programme, the EDD will host a meet-and-greet with alumni from the 2022 programme and the ViableEdu curriculum development and delivery team on Tuesday 30-May at 5.30 pm.

For more information, to register your interest in the programme, or to attend the meet and greet, email for complete details.