TNN reports today (Mar 21) on another attack on a senior corrections officer at Westgate Correctional Facility this past Sunday, reportedly, once again, over an inmate in unlawful possession of a cellphone.

No official word from the authorities yet, but this marks the second incident behind prison walls, in as many weeks.

The last attack involved a female officer, who sustained non-life threatening injuries – a suspected broken arm, in a similar incident, involving three inmates on March 10.

In the most recent incident, the TNN report says: “While it is known if the officer was seriously injured…a source telling TNN that officers are irate concerning their having an inadequate arsenal of defensive weapons to combat violent inmates.

“Officers have a lack of devices that will ward off inmates that resist after being caught in possession of banned items.

“Police officers have pepper spray and tasers, while corrections officers, outside of handcuffs and their bare hands, have virtually nothing to assist in securing, repelling and deterring violent offenders.

“Many of these offenders have been convicted of murder and have nothing to lose,” the report added.

Top Feature Photo Courtesy Of TNN

“Especially when starting a lengthy sentence these guys are non-carish and have no respect. That’s their attitude.
“The officers need the Commissioner of Prisons Ms. Joel Benjamin, and/or the Minister of National Security Mr. Michael Weeks to help to be better equipped, so that they can ward off these violent criminals, we need help now don’t wait until someone is killed in the line of duty said the reliable source.”