Another two defendants were formally charged in Magistrates’ Court this morning, in connection with the airport protest outside the House of Assembly on December 2nd.

Chris Furbert Junior, 38, and Anthony Burgess, 53, both denied that they prevented the Minister of Finance from entering the House of Assembly and obstructing the police. Like others already charged, with the exception of Bermuda Public Services Union President Jason Hayward, both defendants opted for a Supreme Court Trial.

They were released on $1,000 bail each with orders to appear at the next arraignment session in the Supreme Court on May 1st.

Four more defendants are due to be charged later this week. A total of 15 summonses were served by police in the lead up to court appearances that started last week.
To date, all but one of those charged have opted to be tried in the Supreme Court before a judge and jury of their peers.