News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Our Economic empowerment zones can drive renewed economic activity in Bermuda.” On the eve of two previously announced sittings of the House of Assembly, Premier David Burt advised that amendments to the Economic Development Act 1968 would be tabled on Friday.

“These amendments will lay the groundwork for development in our EEZs – in North Hamilton, St. George’s and the West End. This Government promised to encourage city living, and to breathe new life into our EEZs. Facilitating new development in these areas will promote economic growth and stimulate economic activity through construction and beyond.”

The Premier continued: “The amendments will make it clear that those who haven’t had the chance to benefit from these kinds of opportunities will finally get a fair shake. The EEZs can be transformed to the benefit of those who call them home or do business there now and lead the move towards a revitalization of Bermuda, socially and economically, that is long overdue.”