See this fine young man right here – I don’t know him personally, and I’m really sorry I didn’t catch up with him during our SCC shoot, but as far as I’m concerned you’re the head man for my team, which makes you FAMILY!

First let me say, when I saw this photo my instant wish was that it would be the kiss of good luck – not that you need it. But when it comes to Cup Match, we Somerset people pull out all the stops!

We did talk about you in the production which airs tonight, back to back at 8pm and 9pm, on Fresh TV, Thursday, August 2pm and simultaneously uploaded for worldwide viewing on the global stage on

Hope you don’t mind, but I did say that you’re a new daddy! I only know that because my Mom is good friends with your Nana I think. She’s the one who works up MaxiMart, the one who couldn’t wait for that grandchild to get here! And last time I saw her she was over the moon!

Congratulations to you and yours! Trust and believe your life will never be the same and very soon, you won’t remember what it was like before parenthood. Even willing to bet it will make you appreciate your parents even more when you see yourself come back at you in a ‘mini-me’. Have Mercy!

This will be your first Cup Match as a proud father and I’m sure you will lead and do well.

There’s only one place on the PLANET that celebrates a two-day holiday for a sports event commemorating the Emancipation of Slavery in Bermuda and I, like so many of us, am PROUD TO BE BERMUDIAN! 

And I’m even more proud to present the role of the GREAT Somerset Cricket Club in our rich cultural history. It has truly been a journey and it’s not quite over yet.

As they say in this business, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Right about now she’s tuning up for showtime.

So if you get a chance do watch – it’s a must see.

Personally, I think it’s going to get me banned from St George’s. but FRANKLY the only destination down that way for me would ONLY EVER BE THE AIRPORT – with or without BAGGAGE!

In any case none of that matters today – not on Cup Match Eve when ALL ROADS LEAD TO SOMERSET! 

And yes I’m biased, as a matter of fact plan on that cup staying up WEST! Ya Heard! 

All the BEST, Do Well and Most of All REPRESENT – Red & Blue Through & Through & ALL My People Know This!