Members of the Progressive Labour Party are gearing up for their 2018 Annual Delegates Conference that gets underway under the theme of ‘Building a Better & Fairer Bermuda: The Next Chapter’, that starts tomorrow, Wednesday, October 24 through to October 26 and culminates with the 2018 Gala Banquet on Saturday, October 27.
According to party Chairman Owen Darrell, delegates were “signing up and a number of people will be running to fill spots in the Party Executive”.
“We are especially enthused about the energy around the upcoming Throne Speech and the second year of delivering for the people of Bermuda,” he said.
A party spokesperson said: “As per the Party Constitution, positions that have more than one candidate must be voted on at the ADC by the delegates. 
“The next legislative year will be a critical one as we address many issues impacting our country.
“We can confirm the following nominations for key Party Executive Positions, to be voted on by the Delegates at the Annual Delegates Conference Election of Officers are:
  •  Party Leader –  Mr E David Burt
  • Deputy Leader – Walter Roban being challenged by Scott Simmons, JP, MP
  • Party Chair – J Dawn Simmons – Damon Wade
  • Deputy Chair – Lauren Hayward Bell, Colin Gilbert and Alexa Lightbourne
A party spokesperson said: “As per the Party Constitution, positions that have more than one candidate must be voted on at the ADC by the delegates.  Where only one candidate name is submitted, it is automatically determined for that person to be the successful candidate, thus it can be duly noted that the Party Leader, the Hon. E. David Burt, will continue as the Party Leader. 
“We look forward to an inspiring conference which will begin on Wednesday, October 24 with our Opening Night address from Party Leader, the Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP, at St. Paul’s Centennial Hall. We invite the public to join us!
“The weekend begins on Friday, November 9, when the Speech from the Throne will be delivered, setting in motion the Government’s legislative agenda for the upcoming session.  This date also marks the 20th anniversary of our Date with Destiny, when the PLP Government assumed the seat of Government for the first time, in 1998.
“On Saturday, November 10, starting at 7:30am, there will be a PLP “Captain’s Choice Golf Tournament” at Belmont Hills Golf Club.  Prospective participants can register by contacting PLP Headquarters.
“That same evening, Saturday, November 10, we will host our PLP Gala “Wakanda Royalty”.  Annually, we hold a formal dinner where our members, supporters and friends are given the opportunity to enjoy an evening of elegance. 
“Many will recognise ‘Wakanda’ from the movie Black Panther,” he added.
As part of this year’s theme we are encouraging our guests to support the many local vendors who sell African inspired attire:
  • Culturewear – Lynelle Furbert
  • Royalty African Fashions/Cherina Fashions – Cheryl Darrell
  • Modestique – Marcia Stowe
  • Nubian Nook – Rosheena Beek
  • Touche’ Bermuda – Lisa Rivas
The dinner will feature entertainment by the Wall Street Band featuring Sheila Smith, Violin Sisters & Larrita Adderley, all supported by Pink Sand Entertainment. In addition to the entertainment, attendees will hear messages from:
  • Dame Jennifer Smith – first PLP Premier (1998-2003), Party Leader (1996-2003)
  •  Patrice Frith-Hayward – Motivational Speaker; Playwright; Radio Hostess
  • Ms. Renee Morris – President & CEO, Uncle Funky’s Daughter
  • The Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP –PLP Party Leader & Premier
The Gala gets underway at 6pm for cocktails and dinner at 7pm.
“On Sunday, November 11, Remembrance Day, our celebrations will pause to reflect and remember those that lost their lives in war. Our Leader, the Hon. E. David Burt, our Cabinet, and other MPs will participate in the Remembrance Day Parade and laying of wreaths at the Cenotaph.
“Monday, November 12, will be dedicated to Community Service, and members of the party will be called to assist in community service. 
“We hope that our members, supporters and friends will come out and participate and celebrate with the Progressive Labour Party.  Your support and encouragement means the world to us and you are appreciated.”