Director of Child and Family Services, Alfred Maybury, has been cleared to return to work following an investigation that cleared him on allegations of misconduct.

According to the statement released by the Ministry of Legal Affairs yesterday, Mr  that Maybury is due to return to the job on Monday after five months on suspension with pay.

A spokesperson confirmed Mr Maybury was put on paid “administrative leave” following allegations from an external party that he “had not performed his role in accordance with the ministry’s policies and procedures as they relate to the care and safety of children in residential treatment services”.

It was also alleged that he had not followed financial instructions.

“The investigation involved a series of interviews with staff members, a detailed review of the department’s practices and procedures, and a review of the financial activities within the department,” the spokesperson said.

“These claims levelled against the director were not substantiated,” she added.

The statement also noted that the review pointed up “weaknesses in some of the operations”” at residential treatment services, which were now being corrected.

“Steps will always be taken to ensure that the care, welfare and wellbeing of the children is addressed with sensitivity and respect,” she said.

The investigation was launched after allegations that Mr Maybury failed to follow up on complaints of mistreatment of children by staff at the Department of Child and Family Services.