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A 33-year-old Devonshire man was slapped with a $3,000 fine when he admitted that he visited someone’s house to buy alcohol  during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Treadwell Smith pleaded guilty in Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, to a breach of the shelter-in-place regulations by leaving his home and visiting another house.

Crown counsel Takiyah Simpson told the court in an online sitting that Smith was arrested in the Elliot Street car park in Pembroke at 1.50pm on Tuesday in connection with an unrelated incident.

He told police he had left his home to go shopping and had visited the house of a man by the name of Terry to buy alcohol.

She called for a $3,000 fine for leaving his house in breach of the regulations plus $3,500 to $4,000 for visiting another home.

But duty counsel for the defence, Paul Wilson said Smith thought it was his day to buy groceries.

Magistrate Craig Attridge said the offences were serious but he accepted that Smith might have confused his shopping days.

“That does not, however, explain him visiting the home of another, which is strictly prohibited,” he said.

Smith was fined $1,500 for leaving his home and $1,500 for the visit to another house.