News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda As many businesses have reduced operating hours or temporarily ceased operations, AIRCARE is reminding building owners and facility managers to maintain air quality within these buildings to prevent long-term problems. AIRCARE is now open for services and its parts department is open for curbside pickup using only a credit or debit card (no cash).

At the top of the list of recommendations, AIRCARE advises building managers to keep the HVAC systems running.
“People think they’ll save money on the electricity by switching off the air conditioner,” stated AIRCARE General Manager, Brendan Stones.
“In a humid climate like Bermuda’s, this is a recipe for disaster. Insufficient temperature and humidity control can lead to mold growth, which is a health hazard and is expensive to remedy.”
Instead of shutting off the HVAC system completely, AIRCARE recommends reprogramming thermostats and adjusting temperature set points to avoid unnecessary spend.
“While we recommend leaving your HVAC running,” Mr Stones continued, “the requirements for a full building are different for an empty building. Ideally you should keep the temperature below 80F and the humidity less than 60 percent.”
This period of minimal foot traffic in buildings presents a prime opportunity for cleaning and maintenance.
AIRCARE recommends performing preventive maintenance as soon as possible and cleaning the HVAC systems just before
the building is reoccupied.
“Now that the Shelter in Place restrictions have been lifted, we are allowed to offer services to all of our clients again,” stated Mr Stones.
“Our preventive maintenance allows their HVAC systems to last longer and perform better. We recognize that HVAC systems are an investment and we make sure that our clients get the most out of their systems. Our parts department is also open so we can replace filters and other parts to improve HVAC performance.”
Finally, AIRCARE draws attention to outside air as a means of reducing re-circulated air. Especially in a time when people are concerned about germs lingering in the air, it is important to replace contaminated indoor air with fresh outside air using the HVAC system.
To order parts or to learn more about preventive maintenance, HVAC cleaning services or optimal HVAC settings, please call 292-7342 or email