The Department of Public Transportation (DPT) remains challenged by the island’s ageing bus fleet, with six more breakdowns this morning.

In a statement released this afternoon, a Ministry spokesman issued assurances that “the Government is in the process of determining how this longstanding issue can finally be addressed, once and for all”.

He also confirmed that there were 72 out of 105 buses currently out of service. Bermuda Real understands that number went as high as 75 in recent weeks.

“Existing problems were further compounded this morning when there were six (6) bus breakdowns,” he said. “One of the primary problems is that the engines of the buses have been overheating. Most routes have been affected by these problems.

“Additional new buses are on order and are expected to be on the road, starting near the end of the year. Presently, there are 72 buses out of service out of a fleet of 105.”

Commenting on the “severe shortage of equipment”, he said: “Maintenance staff have been working overtime to get buses back in service.” He also extended apologies on behalf of the DPT for any inconvenience caused to the travelling public.

Bermuda Real conducted an extensive interview with Transport Minister Walter Roban yesterday. We’ll have the first segment of his two-part series later this evening.