Members of the team that pulled of a successful Agricultural Exhibition last month, were the latest recipients of the monthly Public Service Excellence Award (PSEA), for the month of April.

A spokesperson said: “The Ag Show, one of Bermuda’s beloved community events, had, in recent years, been facilitated by private sector individuals and was at risk of not continuing in 2023 due to a lack of funding.

“Adding to the mammoth task of coordinating, this three-day event typically requires eight to nine months of planning.

“Despite the limited time frame, the Department of Parks pulled together a team of dedicated staff and stakeholders to ensure plans progressed in only three months.”

Premier David Burt and Dr Derrick Binns, Head of Public Service, congratulated the team, including:

  • Remi Subair – Acting Director
  • Georgette Caines – AG Show Planner
  • Roger Parris – Acting Superintendent, Skills Development Programme
  • Kelly Sousa – Superintendent of Horticulture
  • Craig Burt – Parks Officer
  • Shyeann Outerbridge – Account/Payroll Administration
  • Joanne Smith – Ministry Comptroller
  • Botanical Gardens Staff
  • Skills Development Team
  • Volunteer Judges

Mr Burt said: “The annual Bermuda Exhibition is integral to our community’s culture and highly anticipated by Bermudians of all ages, but especially our young people.

“I am so thankful that the team, on behalf of the Government of Bermuda, embraced this opportunity to reconnect our community to this important and special event that so many families enjoy.

“Well done and thank you for your hard work and dedication.”

Dr Binns added: “The Public Service is proud to recognise this exceptional team for their dedication to service excellence and working together so diligently.

“Congratulations to you all — You are a shining example of how our public officers go above and beyond to improve the lives of the people of our community.”

The Public Service Excellence Awards recognises an individual or a group of public officers demonstrating “admirable service delivery” within a 60-day period.

Feature Photos: Premier David Burt, Dr Derrick Binns and members of the Department of Parks’ AG Show Team