What started out as a small gathering of 50 seniors twelve years ago, has turned into an annual event for nearly 300 constituents in their golden years.

And on the last Sunday in November it was no different when Progressive Labour Party MP Zane DeSilva got all decked out in his ‘Zane Zeppelin rock star ‘Sunday Best’, for his elder constituents.

The 12th annual event was held at Bermuda Institute, where guests were entertained with songs by Mayah Williams, Graham Maule, Brothers in Music and DJ Arnold Smith.

“We have between 12 and 20 branch members that assist every year and also friends from C30,” said Mr DeSilva.

“The Zeppelin piece was the first time I ever did that (LOL). We actually just modeled for a few minutes – just to add a little enjoyment.

“As for our seniors and this event, we just absolutely love doing it and they love coming! It gives us such great satisfaction in knowing we give a little excitement for our seniors every year.

“As you know, this PLP government raised their pension for the first time in several years and have promised to increase it every year because we know many have struggled and continue to face many challenges and we want to let them know that we care for them and will do all we can to assist.

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish not only our seniors, but everyone in Bermuda a very happy holiday season.”

Guests with winning raffle tickets also received a number of gifts and prizes, including a host of fruit baskets.

On behalf of his branch, Mr DeSilva also extended a big thank you to sponsors BGA, Arnolds, Watlington, C Travel, Southampton Princess, Rosewood, Gibbons Company, MEF, Supermart, Pinks Salon, Buzz, The MarketPlace, First Class Air, Lindos, Luxury Gifts and Island Construction.

  • Photos by Ceola Wilson, BermudaReal.com