The Africa Feeds website reports: “Malawi has joined the list of southern African countries that have legalised the growing, selling and export of cannabis.

“But the country still restricts the legalization of cannabis for personal use, unlike in South Africa where the courts allowed for cannabis for personal use.”

According to the report, published this week, as per the latest changes to the country’s laws, “cannabis will be used to make medicines and hemp fibres”.

“Hemp fibres are used to make clothes, biofuel, paper and other products.”

In a separate report the website also stated that “Ghana’s parliament is currently considering the Narcotics Control Commission Bill”.

“Once passed, the bill is expected to shift focus of drug dependence, from law enforcement and punishment, to treating it as a public health issue.

“Many have applauded the move as one that wold be a progressive step towards assisting persons struggling with drug addiction described as a disease.

“But same cannot be said about the possible decriminalization of Cannabis; a campaign the Hemp Association of Ghana has embarked on.