Ace It Foundation central planning team

GOMOA-FETTEH, GHANA, AFRICA – The Ace It Foundation, in conjunction with Coliba and TiII’s Beach Resort launched the first plastic depot for recycling in Gomoa-Fetteh.

Plastic waste management is a major issue throughout Ghana, nonetheless, in the beachfront community of Gomoa-Fetteh, CR, plastic waste is often washing up on the beach shore and cluttering gutters in the community. This leads to the creation of an eyesore on what otherwise would be beautiful shore lines.
Likewise, choked gutters can lead to the breeding of malaria carrying mosquitoes and other health related issues.
This is the first time Coliba has taken one of their recycling depots outside of Accra. Ace It Foundation is very proud to work with Coliba on this initiative and most grateful to Till’s Beach Resort for providing the space to set up the depot centre.
The new initiative was welcomed by Gomoa-Fetteh Tradition Chief, Nana Abor Atta II, who graced the launch with his presence and that of his sub-chiefs and elders.
The Bermudian contingent on hand in Gomoa-Fetteh, Ghana for the launch

According to the Chief, the project will bring employment to the community and enable community members to not only participate in the beautification of their community but also earn something for their efforts. He said he was very pleased to see the progress thus far and offered some words of advice for going forward.

With the necessary key partners onboard, Ace It Foundation, Coliba and Till’s Beach Resort are hoping the project will make a big impact in the community.
Ace It Foundation’s main focus remains to become one of the “leading educational innovators on the African continent by successfully pairing education and sports.
“Its mission is to empower young people in underserved communities by pairing education and sports to effectuate individual personal growth to foster the development of the next generation of community leaders and social innovators for Africa’s future one-third of our global population.
  • Top Feature Photo: Traditional Chief, sub-Chiefs and elders along with sponsors – Photos Supplied