America’s Cup Bermuda today moved to clarify misinformation about traffic access to Dockyard.

In a statement released earlier today, the ACBDA said: “There has been some confusion about this, which we wish to clarify. And they issued a reminder that “Dockyard is very much open for business as usual”.

“Motorists in private cars who wish to enter may do so, subject to sufficient legal parking being available in Dockyard.” Although private car motorists “should travel no further than Boaz Island’s Sports Field where they will travel by free shuttle to the event”.

Anyone wishing to do “business in Dockyard and enjoy the shopping and restaurants may do so, again subject to the roads remaining clear for emergency access and there being sufficient car parking areas in Dockyard”.

Vehicle inspections at the control point “will remain in place every day that the America’s Cup Village is open, between 10:30am and 3pm”.

It was also noted that “officers manning this control point may exercise their right to search vehicles which is a protocol designed to ensure the security and safety of the AC Village and all attending”.

Public service vehicles “have always and will continue to have full, unrestricted access”. And the  ACBDA said: “All should be aware that parking can only take place in authorized parking areas and any vehicle parked illegally will be subject to tickets and or removal. It is essential that roads do not become or obstructed.

“For transport to America’s Cup Village we continue to encourage residents to ride their motorbike. Bike parking is free and there is plenty of it at the Transportation Hub, near the entrance to the America’s Cup Village.

“Fans who wish to drive a car and attend the AC Village must book parking in advance for the Park n Ride program online. Each car is $25 when booked in advance [$30/car if booked within 24 hours of use]. This includes a return shuttle service to America’s Cup Village for all passengers in the car, by shuttle boat or minibus [include accessibility].”