The abrupt resignation of Dr Carika Weldon, who says her advice was ignored as the top testing chief at the Molecular Diagnostic and Research Laboratory (MDL), still dominating news headlines this weekend.

As first reported by TNN, Dr Weldon submitted her resignation this week, “citing human resources, physical resources, and decisions to ignore just plain logic, as serious threats to the overall system”.

According to TNN, “Government leaders and decision makers have not heeded the advice she has given to boost resources and manpower, and to avoid stressing the system further by reopening the schools with on-site learning”.

Her resignation takes effect on January 31, 2022.

“Ultimately”, the report said Dr Weldon’s resignation was based on “decisions made by those at the top”.

Dr Weldon’s resignation was later confirmed by the Cabinet Office, where a spokesperson said she had “given notice of her intention to end her tenure as Science Advisor & Laboratory Director of MDL”.

Dr Weldon stated: “I really appreciate the experience and opportunities I have gained while working in this role. And my successor will be fortunate to be a member of the team.”

The government spokesperson added: “Dr Weldon has done an incredible job, bringing immense passion and commitment to the vital operation that has been COVID testing in Bermuda. She transitions with the sincere thanks of the Government and people of Bermuda for a job tremendously well done.”