• The following statement was released today, April 26, 2020 by former Premier Dr Ewart Brown on the passing of Progressive Labour Party MP and Former Speaker of the House, Stanley Lowe…

Stanley Lowe walked quietly but carried a big stick.

When the Progressive Labour Party won the General Election in 1998, most of us in the Caucus assumed the obvious – that Stanley Lowe would be our Speaker. He seemed a natural fit to receive the honour of becoming Bermuda’s first Black Speaker of the House of Assembly.

His quiet demeanour was what we all saw at first glance but beneath that calm and steady surface was a man who accomplished the elusive combination of neutrality and political savvy.

He was firm and fair, sensitive, reserved and respected.

History will record that Stanley Lowe was a pacesetter and a standard bearer for all who followed him.

Wanda and I send our warmest condolences to the family.

Signed: EB