Is ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a fraud?

Is this brain disorder that makes people unable to stay focused, pursue tasks until their very end, and concentrate, simply designed to push pharmaceutical drugs on children?

Doctors say ADHD makes people excessively active, often to the extent of restlessness. But in a recent report, renowned Harvard Psychologist Jerome Kagan, accused pharmaceutical companies of “wrongly” categorizing “a ridiculous number of people as mentally ill for their own interest”. 

And here in Bermuda, there’s reports that pretty much the same thing may be happening right here on our tiny island.

It is a subject that Minister George Smith, also known as Scott, holds dear to his heart and knows about firsthand.

And at 1pm today, we’re going in on this subject in-depth, LIVE on FRESH TV and Facebook LIVE.

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That’s live in-studio with Scott, whose “coming from a life of major challenges due to bad choices” point of view, on the dark side effects of pharmaceutical drugs for ADHD, when we zero in on the menacing effects when mixed with drug and alcohol addiction, and in some cases led users to prison or suicide attempts.

Now he’s reaching back through his anti-gang initiative, speaking in schools and prisons in Bermuda, the Bahamas and now, where he resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

And he has a powerful message for our youth looking for a way out, as a motivational speaker who has inspired thousands to live a better life by never giving up on their hopes and dreams.

That’s 1pm today, LIVE on FRESH TV and Facebook LIVE – See You There!