• Now heading into a third month of providing meals every Tuesday and Thursday to families in need as a result of the economic impact COVID-19 on countless families in Bermuda, Open Your Heart Foundation (OYHF) has been on the move. In fact, the number of meals climbed so high since April 7, that they recently had to move out the kitchen at Salvation Army on White Hill for more space at Sandys Middle School’s kitchen. In part one of a two part series, we talked with the group’s new Director of Public Relations and Marketing, in a Bermuda Real Q&A with Debrina Simons…

♦ When did Open Your Heart Foundation first start providing the meals?

Open Your Heart Foundation first started providing meals for those families that were in need on April 7th, 2020. We were approached by the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response Effort, who asked if we were able to take on the initiative of providing meals for families within our community in the Western area.

As a group, we came together collectively and decided that this is something that we would love to do because as you know, we host two free funday events every year on Good Friday and Boxing Day for our communities across the island.

OYHF also holds other community  initiatives throughout the year, for example clothing drives, school drives and we also partner with Anchor Boys Club in their annual back to school event.  When we were presented with this platform our team embraced it with open arms.

♦ How many meals being provided as of May 2020 for the community?

Initially we wanted to provide 150 meals within our community from Dockyard to Barnes Corner. We are now servicing approximately 650 people. Our pick ups are approximately 20 percent and the other 80 percent represent our current deliveries.

♦ What days do you provide your food and pick up services and from where?

Meals are available every Tuesday and Thursday and this is throughout the nine parishes of Bermuda. We do have have persons that come from different parts of the island who come up and assist in preparation and delivery services.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays we provide pick up services, Tuesdays from the Lodge in White Hill and you can pick up those meals between 6 and 7 p.m. On Thursdays we serve from Somerset Cricket Club between 6 and 7 p.m. as well.

♦ For those individuals or companies who would like to contribute to Open Your Heart Foundation how can they make donations?

Open Your Heart Foundation was first formed as a grassroot organization.

OYHF would greatly appreciate any and all forms of donations whether it be monetary or supplies ie hot cups for the soup, containers for the meals, foil pans, trash bags, paper towel, gloves, cleaning supplies and serving spoons.

We are always in need of frozen mixed vegetables, meats and local produce as well as herbs and seasonings,just to name a few.

Persons wishing to donate can contact us on the listed information below.

We would like to thank Ian Coke (Coach LeLe) from Living Legends and Branches as well as Timory Flood from Hood 2 Hood and Branches. They both deliver to Spanish Point, Devonshire and  areas in Hamilton.

We also would like to thank Ceble Crockwell and her mother, representing St David’s Cricket Club, who deliver from Crawl down to St Davids and St Georges.

Open Your Heart Foundation would like to thank all the distributors, who also make this possible, Butterfield and Vallis, BGA and Viking Foods.

To all of our dedicated delivery drivers as well as  Community Police Officer PC Desilva, who donated her time and delivered meals.

We would like to acknowledge all of the volunteers who actually come to prepare the meals,  make preparations for the meals to be cooked, the packaging of the meals as well as those who come to clean up during and after service.

We would like to extend our gratitude to each and everyone of you and just want to let you know that OYHF appreciates you.

We also would like to thank the New Nehemiah Apostolistic Worship Centre and Sandys Secondary Middle School for opening their doors and allowing us to prepare meals.

OYHF would like to encourage any persons interested in receiving the meals to please reach out to us on the contact information listed.

Please provide us with your name, contact number, address, current work status as well as number of meals required.

You can contact, OYHF, on the following accounts:
  • Instagram: @ open.your.heart.bda
  • Facebook: Open Your Heart Foundation
  • Email: oyhfoundation@gmail.com
  • Treasurer: Mrs Smith on 705-1523
  • PR & Marketing Director: Debrina Simons on 777-2784

Donations to Open Your Heart Foundation’s Account at Bermuda Commercial Bank

Account No: 1000255757

Vision Statement 

Enlighten, Empower, Motivate and Unite the Youth

Mission Statement

“Creating Safe, Friendly Community Environments Without Boundaries “

Core Values