News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Economic Development Department is pleased to announce that eight Bermudians have enrolled in the second annual global Fintech Education Programme, a transformative initiative resulting from a partnership between the Ministry of Economy and Labour’s Economic Development Department and ViableEdu.

The Programme, designed by BondCliQ and ViableMkts CEO Chris White, with classes and meetings held between 12 June and 14 July 2023, will give participants a deeper understanding of how and why markets work and how technology can modernise and optimise financial market systems.

Participants will also have the unique opportunity to network with C-Suite members from local FinTech companies, engage in discussions with leaders of international FinTech companies, and collaborate with a cohort of around 40 peers from several other countries.

On completing the Programme, the men and women will have benefited from theoretical instruction, hands-on training and development, and the opportunity to sharpen their soft skills through modules delivered by the Department of Workforce Development. 

The individuals participating in the second annual global Fintech Education Programme are:

  1. Esaiah Lister
  2. Dallas Scott
  3. Melody Bean
  4. Olivia Washington
  5. Owen Millett
  6. Tim Augustus
  7. Zaire Lodge
  8. Trey Simons

The Hon. Jason Hayward, JP, MP, Minister of Economy and Labour, said, “The government of Bermuda is committed to supporting FinTech development and creating an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. With targeted investments in education and training through programmes such as this, and thanks to a regulatory framework that promotes growth and stability, we can ensure that Bermudians are well-positioned to build a vibrant and sustainable FinTech sector that benefits all our citizens.”

Raymond Jones, Director of the Economic Development Department (EDD), stated: “I have witnessed the transformative power of FinTech in bridging the gap between traditional financial services and the digital age. The emergence of FinTech has redefined how we think about financial services, paving the way for greater innovation, efficiency, and accessibility. It is an exciting time for Bermuda as we embrace this new era of financial technology and work towards positioning ourselves as a leading FinTech hub in the region.” 

Joel Christenson-Brown, Co-Founder and Lead Program Director of ViableEdu, said: “ViableEdu is thrilled to partner with the Bermuda Government to further democratize financial literacy across the Island. We are excited to welcome the Bermuda-based learners into our 2023 global ViableEdu Fintech Education Programme.” 

For more information about the Programme, email the Economic Development Department at