A weekend family fundraiser was held in aid of Friends of Hospice at the Bermuda Underwater Institute (BUEI).

Dozens of families created lifelong memories this weekend at the Friends of Hospice’s Stroke of Genius Extravaganza.

The family-friendly day of activities was centred around shared experiences, with participants working together to create cooperative artwork which will be enjoyed for years to come.

Funds raised will go towards the charity’s programmes.

Jennifer Mahoney, Executive Director of Friends of Hospice, said: ‘Friends of Hospice works to help hospice and palliative care patients enjoy the time that they have left with their loved ones.

“This tradition of making precious memories is so important to us, so we were delighted to see so many families turn up to support us but also to embrace this formative experience with one another.

“We were particularly touched to see different types of families turn up, from parents and children, aunts with their nieces and nephews and grandparents with their grandchildren.”