News Release HAMILTON, Bermuda Last week (Aug 18), Acting Premier Walter Roban recognized theRoyal Bermuda Regiment’s Recruiting and Career Management team as the recipients of the July Public Service Excellence Award (PSEA).

As the community is aware, the PSEA is a programme that recognizes Public Officers who are demonstrating admirable service delivery. Each month an individual or team is selected for their significant accomplishments in the last 60 days.

The team comprisesStg. Damir Armstrong, Lance Corporal Zjah-Quana Bean, and Private Nikolas Roach. Together, they are recognized for their outstanding support in promoting the various opportunities available within the Royal Bermuda Regiment as part of an ambitious recruiting plan to inspire more residents to join the service. The team’s diligence has resulted in attracting a second recruit class for 2023, including both men and women, as well as Bermudians and non-Bermudian residents.

“This team has shown remarkable persistence in coaching and encouraging individuals from diverse backgrounds to join the Royal Bermuda Regiment,” said the team’s supervisor, Major Dwight Robinson. He praised them for going “above and beyond what is expected of them” by remaining available to answer questions and provide guidance to the public during normal working hours, as well as evenings and weekends, to effectively convince community members that serving in the Regiment can be rewarding work.

In the last six (6) months, the team have also developed innovative solutions to address their various recruitment challenges. They have organized events such as a Women in Service forum, allowing women in the Regiment to share their stories and for interested females in the community to ask questions. They have also set up recruiting stands at various locations, including Harbour Nights, to engage with the community and increase awareness about the Regiment. Additionally, they have collaborated with school programs to inform students about the Junior Leader program, fostering interest at an early age.

Acting Head of the Public Service, Cherie Whitter, commended the team’s efforts saying, “In addition to their creativity, I understand the team has demonstrated tireless dedication to this project by remaining responsive to inquiries from the public outside of normal working hours. This commitment to public service excellence is one the reasons we launched this awards Programme – and we truly applaud their dedication and enthusiasm to this challenging assignment.”

Acting Premier, Walter Roban, also extended congratulations to the team noting, “I am extremely impressed by their steadfast mission to prepare for the sustainable long-term defense of our Island. Despite numerous obstacles to their success, their effective management of this ambitious recruiting plan has ensured that the organization remains robust and capable of providing support to the Bermuda community during times of crisis.”