News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “Our students created expressive, captivating, and purposeful works of art to celebrate this year’s 58th Annual Art Exhibition theme, ‘Transformations: A Fresh Perspective,’” said Mrs. Kalmar Richards, Commissioner of Education. 

“The Annual Art Exhibition at the Bermuda Society of Arts features work from the public and private middle and senior schools and will be open until May 16th. We encourage everyone to visit this FREE exhibit and vote for your favourite piece and artist as students will win ‘People’s Choice Awards’.” 

Mrs. Richards added: “This Annual Art Exhibition is an opportunity for our students to share their fresh and unique perspectives with us. This year we have young artists from the following participating schools: 

  1. Clearwater
  2. Dellwood 
  3. Sandys 
  4. Whitney Institute 
  5. Berkeley Institute 
  6. CedarBridge Academy
  7. Bermuda High School (BHS) 
  8. Warwick Academy 
  9. Saltus 
  10. Mount Saint Agnes Academy (MSA)
  11. Somersfield 
  12. Bermuda Institute 

“Each student with featured artwork will receive a Certificate of Participation from the Department of Education. The Visual Arts Teachers, who play an integral role in the artistic process, will receive membership to the Bermuda Society of the Arts.” 

The Minister of Education, Diallo Rabain, added: “Thank you to the Department of Education, particularly Mrs.Kalmar Richards, Commissioner of Education, for your ongoing support of Arts education. Mrs Shannon Rose-Robinson, Acting Arts Education Officer, thank you for your commitment to organizing this exhibit.

“Thank you to all of the Visual Arts Teachers and Principals who support them for working alongside our students to produce such meaningful artwork.

“Thank you, Ms. Nzingha Ming, BSOA Gallery Director, for hosting this annual exhibit and providing our Visual Arts Teachers with membership to the Bermuda Society of the Arts.”

Minister Rabain concluded: “We encourage the public to come out and engage with the artistic creations of our students. With the theme ‘Transformations: A Fresh Perspective,’ this exhibition will give us all opportunities to ‘think outside of the box.’ I hope that we can all pause and reflect on the world in which we live and how that world is being seen by those shaping our future.

“I look forward to seeing which artistic creations win the ‘People’s Choice Awards’, and encourage families and the community to support this exhibit.

“To every student brave and brilliant enough to submit your artwork, thank you for sharing your perspective with the world. Your government wishes you the best and will continue to support opportunities for you to thrive.”

Feature Photos Include: Mrs Kalmar Richards, Commissioner of Education, Mrs Shannon Rose-Robinson, Acting Arts Education Officer, Diallo Rabain, Minister of Education, and Ms Nzingha Ming, Gallery Director at Bermuda Society of Arts