The following Op-Ed was released on September 3, 2021, by Kim Swan,JP,  MP, Chairman of Bermuda Government Golf Courses & Teaching Professional for Port Royal’s Golf Development Programme….

Former PGA European Tour Pro Kim Swan who has headed up the Port Royal Developmental Golf Program for the past 10years is offering Free Golf Clinic to absolute beginners in honour and recognition of Port Royal Golf Course’s 50th Anniversary. 

The clinic will be held weekly at 3pm every Sunday until the course closes for the PGA Tour Bermuda Championship. 
 Kim Swan shared: “This is a way for me to give back to the game that changed my life 50years ago on the 50th Anniversary year my ‘Field of Dream – Port Royal’ was opened.”
It is also an opportunity for us to pay homage to the former Golf Professionals who were connected with Port Royal Golf Course- Walter King, Frank Rabain, Wilfred Ralph Fray and Herman ‘Tucci’ Bascome. 
Trustee Denton Outerbrdge who heads up the Government Golf Courses historical committee is passionate about us recognizing the rich history of Ocean View and Port Royal Golf Course and this initiative achieves recognition of those forefathers who made a great contribution to golf development. In addition, celebrates the legacy of public golf with outreach that encourages ‘New Blood’ to try our extraordinary sport. 
We invite persons who haven’t played before to stop by and try to hit one shot during our Free Golf Clinic with Kim Swan. 
Kim Swan concluded: “I’m doing this because of my Love and Appreciation for the Game of Golf and those persons who embraced the need for public golf 50+ years ago.”
Kim Swan, JP, MP, Chairman, Bermuda Gov’t Golf Courses Teaching Golf Professional – Port Royal Golf Developmental Program 
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