Dr Gina Tucker
News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – On Tuesday, July 20th, Dr Gina Tucker, a veteran Bermudian educator, opened her e-coaching platform designed specifically for coaching teachers, both locally and worldwide. Dr Tucker, known for spearheading the annual Bermuda Half Marathon Derby – The 24th of May Race, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EduCoach Ltd.
Everyone agrees that Bermuda’s children deserve proficient and masterful teachers; and there is no doubt that every teacher aspires to be a phenomenal teacher for their students. The question is: What is the most effective and efficient way of making this become a reality for every teacher in the classroom?
Schools and school districts that want to improve student outcomes have three choices. They can recruit superstar teachers and pay them much more if they find them; they can improve teacher training or they can maintain the status quo in the hope for improvement. All things considered, the best choice for improving student outcomes is better training for teachers.
Introducing EduCoach: The Personal Trainer for Teachers. To support our students there needs to be effective support for our teachers, as evidenced by over 20 years of study including Dr Tucker’s firsthand experience in looking closely at the best way to improve teachers’ instructional practices. The research is undeniable. Teacher coaching is the most effective way – far more effective than traditional professional development or teacher training. Educoach, the first e-coaching platform connecting teachers to a global network of coaches will give teachers access to world class instructional coaches, both locally and internationally.
This innovative resource will enable teachers to upgrade their skills-based on their specific individual need–to enable them to teach better which will help our students perform better. And, when our students perform better, the entire community benefits. 
The EduCoach platform literally puts coaches in the hands of the teachers–making coaching not only accessible but affordable and convenient.
For fellow educators, this is a momentous moment. We recognize the need for a revolution in how the necessary training and support for teachers is delivered.
With Educoach, for approximately eight (8) times less the amount currently spent on teacher professional development and training, schools and school systems can increase the effectiveness of their teacher training efforts by 50 percent over three years. This savings is a game changer for schools and school districts. The cost benefit is indisputable.
EduCoach will provide better educational outcomes for far less money.
Shifting 10 percent of the current professional development budget to EduCoach can improve teachers’ performance by as much as or more than the differences observed between a novice teacher and an experienced veteran.
EduCoach went ‘LIVE’ at midnight (AST) on Tuesday 20th July, and is now open to receive applications from educators who would welcome the opportunity to coach teachers locally and worldwide. This includes all persons who have expertise that can benefit teachers, whether they are currently working in education or not.
Although a global enterprise, Dr. Tucker is personally inviting the phenomenal educators in classrooms and leadership roles in public, private and home schools across the island to ‘Apply to be a Coach’ on EduCoach. Dr Tucker looks forward to receiving applications from her colleagues and the many Bermudian teachers she has coached over the years and is excited about their future success. She hopes they seize the opportunity to coach on this global stage.
Dr. Tucker is fully aware of the support needed by Bermudian teachers to implement various curricula, in particular, the Cambridge and UK curricula, and wants to let teachers know that they will find experienced coaches with expertise in these curricula on EduCoach.
One veteran P4 teacher of 20+ years, Ms Furbert said: “I am excited about the opportunity to be a coach on EduCoach because, after 20+ years of teaching classes of diverse students, I have truly mastered the ‘art of classroom management’. I cannot wait to help teachers get the best out of their students and to be able to maximize every
teaching moment of every day. I know the secret to effective classroom management, and through EduCoach I will be able to share my secret with all teachers who need help.”
Persons interested in being an EduCoach Coach should go to www.educoach.onlinusing a desktop and click on APPLY TO BE A COACH. The first 100 successful applicants will be gifted with 75 percent OFF their Annual Membership Fee for two (2) years.
This offer ends July 31st 2021. Teachers, parents, and anyone needing help with instruction will be able to BOOK A COACH beginning mid-August 2021.
Dr Tucker is an accomplished professional and veteran educator with more than 30 years of experience in education. She served first and foremost as a teacher at her alma mater, West Pembroke Primary School, before moving on to various positions at the Bermuda College and within the Bermuda Department of Education including curriculum coordinator, principal, Assistant Director for Schools, and Assistant Director for Curriculum and Assessment. She also served as Director for Fintech Education. She currently works as Policy Analyst in the Bermuda Ministry of Labour. In her spare time, she enjoys being an amateur triathlete, watching a good movie, and relaxing and good conversation with family and friends.