News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Ministry of Education’s Education Reform Unit is excited to announce the 2024 Signature Discovery Days. This annual initiative assists students, ages 11-14, in discovering the signature learning programmes available to make informed decisions about their Signature Pathway for their senior school years. The first Signature Discovery Day was held on Friday, May 31st, at Sandys Secondary Middle School for Purvis Year 7 and Sandys M1 and M2 students.

Signature Discovery, one of five modules under The Signature Taster Programme, allows students to explore and experience various available signature learning types. It also allows students to take a deeper dive into these programmes to select a Signature Pathway at a senior school confidently.

During the first Signature Discovery Day, we observed students engaging in many discovery experiences, including hands-on STEM activities such as building catapults, braiding mannequins’ hair, and attending a culturally relevant presentation on Hospitality and Tourism in Bermuda.

During Signature Discovery Days, Learning Partners provide a 30-minute interactive experience for groups of 20 students throughout the day. These sessions aim to help students understand the skills and knowledge required to succeed within each Signature Learning Programme. Students gain a deeper understanding of the pathways that align with their interests and strengths by interacting with sector and industry professionals and engaging in hands-on, skill-building, and experiential learning activities.

Once students arrive at senior school, having chosen their preferred Signature, Signature Learning Programmes blend academics with real-world, project-based learning focused on technical and industry skills within and beyond school.

Minister of Education, Diallo Rabain, said: “The vision for learning under Education Reform is to provide students with a future-focused, relevant, and connected education. This vision aims to cultivate determination, knowledge, skills, and agency in students. Signature Discovery, an essential component of the Signature Taster Programme, is designed to build student self-determination and prepare them for their future academic and career paths.”

Minister Rabain added: “The power of Signature Learning lies in the agency that it gives students to make informed choices about their educational journeys. When students have the opportunity to select pathways that align with their passions and evolving aspirations, they become deeply engaged in their learning. This deep engagement fosters a sense of ownership and motivation, which drives better learning outcomes.”

 The Ministry of Education wishes to thank the following Learning Partners for their participation and support during the first Signature Discovery Day:

Bermuda Zoological Society, BAC Group, Allure Hair Salon, Impressions Hair Artistry, Department of Health (Speech & Language), KPMG, Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bermuda College PACE, St Regis Hotel, Bermuda College Library, Ministry of Education, KOOM Consulting, BEDC, BFA, BIOS, Department of Health (Nursing), Paradise Mobile, Hamilton Princess, Department of Finance, Paradise Mobile, Bermuda College Library.

We appreciate the continued support from our community and look forward to another successful year of Signature DiscoveryDays.

Remaining Signature Discovery Days

Thursday, June 13th, 2024: Dellwood Middle School (for Success Academy and Dellwood M1 & M2 students)

Wednesday, June 19th, 2024: Whitney Institute Middle School (for Francis Patton Year 7 & Whitney M1 students)

Thursday, June 20th, 2024: Whitney Institute Middle School (for Whitney M2 students)