News Release HAMILTON, Bermuda “The 2024 Garbage and Recycling schedule is a useful tool for residents, enabling them to effectively plan and manage their waste disposal needs throughout the year,” said Minister of Public Works, Lt Col David Burch.

The Department of Works and Engineering is pleased to announce the release of the 2024 Garbage and Recycling schedule for residents across the Island. 

This comprehensive calendar format schedule, which is being mailed to households, aims to streamline and enhance waste management practices in our communities.

Minister Burch emphasised the significance of this initiative, stating, “It not only simplifies the process of garbage and recycling collection but also underscores our goal of a cleaner and more sustainable Bermuda.”

The schedule delineates the collection dates for garbage and recycling, providing residents with a clear and accessible reference to ensure prompt and efficient waste disposal. 

The Minister added: “We encourage every resident to utilise this schedule to participate actively in our responsibility for environmental upkeep. 

“Proper waste disposal and recycling practices are essential in safeguarding Bermuda’s natural beauty and ensuring a healthier future for future generations.”

Residents are encouraged to check their mailboxes for this resource and prominently display the schedule for quick and easy reference throughout the year. 

Additionally, digital copies are available on the Department of Works and Engineering’s webpage for convenient access.