News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Two women and 14 men are the latest rookie soldiers to take their places at Warwick Camp as members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.

Recruits aged from 18 to 50 signed up for the wide range of opportunities offered by the organisation.

Their Recruit Camp – the second the RBR has run this year – started on Sunday.

Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Curtis Grant, a Company Sergeant Major for the Recruit Camp, explained: “Recruit Camp is the initial training and introduction to the Regiment.

“That and Continuation Training gets soldiers ready to be posted to another company.“In the first week they do all their weapons and foot drill lessons.

“They also have presentations on topics that include the terms and conditions of service, some history of the Regiment as well as its roles and responsibilities.

“We’re outlining what’s expected of them as members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.”

Acting Sergeant Major Grant noted that the new recruits seemed eager and have already shown improvements in terms of their deportment and presentation.

Among the group is Private Shawn Bremar, 19, who was previously a Junior Leader in the RBR and wanted to see how the “big guys” operate.

He said of his Recruit Camp experience so far: “Everything has been great, I can’t complain at all – the food has been great, our section commanders treat us well and they’re fair.

“I’ve definitely made new friends.”

Pte Bremar, of Southampton, enjoys drill and rifle lessons and highlighted how the Regiment builds discipline.

He explained: “For instance, on the square when we’re drilling, the rain could be pouring down and we’ve got to stand still, there’s no other option.”

Decent remuneration and the chance to develop life skills were among the factors that motivated Private Mikhyla Ming to enlist.

The 18-year-old found that further benefits include increased fitness and opportunities to improve communication techniques.

She added: “I definitely enjoyed learning how to handle the rifle.

“It required a lot of team support and I got that, which made me feel really good, especially being one of the only females.”

Private O’Neal Lindsay, a 40-year-old father of two, signed up for the different experiences and instruction offered by the RBR, and hopes to become part of the Coast Guard unit.

He said: “I’ve been in the corporate field for a very long time and am trying to do something different.”

Pte Lindsay, of Warwick, added: “I’m looking to achieve some leadership goals and there are a lot of different skills I hope to get out of the Regiment.”

The camp, which includes physical training sessions and fieldcraft lessons, will run until July 21.

For more information or to join the Royal Bermuda Regiment, visit or call 238-1045.