OBA: Use Of Taxpayers’ Money For Political Ads Shows Lack Of Integrity

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The following statement was released this morning by One Bermuda Alliance Acting Chair Trevor Moniz... The use of taxpayers' money on political adverts has today been condemned by OBA Acting Chair Trevor Moniz as a betrayal of the people. "The use of Government money for political ads before a... Read more

Police Appeal For Information On Murder Of Danshun Swann Two Years Ago Today

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News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda - Today, marks the second anniversary of the murder of Danshun Swan, who was stabbed to death shortly after midnight on Monday August 27th, 2018. Danshun had attended a party at the Southampton Rangers Club and was stabbed when he attempted to break up a f... Read more

Hamilton Princess To Re-Open On August 28

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News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda - Hamilton Princess & Beach Club has announced it will officially welcome back guests to the hotel from Friday, August 28th. To celebrate, the resort is offering two special rates for locals to enjoy a well-deserved staycation through the month of ... Read more

PLP MP Michael Scott Retires – C36 Branch To Decide Between Kathy Lynn Simmons Or Graham Maule

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[caption id="attachment_3765" align="alignleft" width="332"] Michael Scott, PLP MP in Sandys North[/caption] Bermuda Real has confirmed that Progressive Labour Party MP Michael Scott has formally informed the Premier that he's packing it in and stepping out of the political arena, with no intenti... Read more

PLP Response To OBA MP Susan Jackson

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The following statement was released by the Progressive Labour Party in response to One Bermuda Alliance MP Susan Jackson... The PLP passed a number of changes to the Parliamentary Registration Act to make it easier for Bermudians to vote. Now, seniors can vote in the advance poll and so can ... Read more

Former PLP MP Renee Webb: ‘It’s The Job Of Opposition Parties To Be Ready For Elections’

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The following Op-Ed was released today by former Progressive Labour Party MP Renee Webb... Craig Cannonier seemed angry and shell shocked as he did a round of media on Friday bemoaning that the election has been called. It is the Premier's prerogative to call the election when he sees fit, whet... Read more

OBA MP Susan Jackson: Absentee Voting Must Be Pursued

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The following statement was released by One Bermuda Alliance MP Susan Jackson... The Premier should have called the election in December and passed one-off legislation to allow mail-in voting to help protect people’s health, according to OBA MP Susan Jackson. With people stuck overseas and ... Read more

TCD Advisory: Rockaway & Southside Testing Facilities Closed Due To Staffing Shortages

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News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda - The Transport Control Department is advising that due to staffing shortages, both the Rockaway and Southside location testing facilities are closed until further notice. Customers are advised that all available examiners will be on duty at the North Street Facil... Read more

FACT CHECK: Latest OBA Statement Riddled With Errors According To PLP MP Jamahl Simmons

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News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda - In one of their first statements for the general election, the One Bermuda Alliance made several factual errors and misleading claims. The people of Bermuda deserve to hear the truth. 1) Regarding jobs, according to the Bermuda Labour Force Survey, the Be... Read more

Police: More Than $18,000 Collected In Fines For Traffic Offences In One Week, Including SPEEDING

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News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda - The Bermuda Police Service can report that last week saw Traffic offenders contribute just over $18,000 to the Government coffers after appearing in Magistrates' Court. Offenders who appeared before the Courts incurred fines for a slew of traffic offences... Read more