This year’s awardees of the Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour has been released.

The Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to public life or committed themselves to serving and helping Bermuda. Honours are given to people in areas such as, community, voluntary and local services, arts and media, health, sport, education, science and technology, business and the economy and civil or political service.

This year’s awardees were acknowledged for their services to the community, economy, preservation of the environment, and service towards ensuring a successful America’s Cup.

New Year’s Honours List Recipients:

Andrew Dobson: recognised for his generous contributions to the Bermuda community over the past 28 years. Mr Dobson makes a significant contribution to the protection of Bermuda’s natural environment, in particular birds and their habitats, through his work with, and presidency of, the Bermuda Audubon Society (BAS). Mr Dobson has a deep passion and expert knowledge of birds, which he shares in a variety of ways.

Glenda Edwards: has dedicated her life to promoting and protecting the safety and wellbeing of Bermuda’s children and families. Her advocacy for children has made a real difference in the lives of Bermuda’s young people. A career in Social Work led her to her position as Supervisor of the Department of Child and Family Services for over 30 years., where she is known for her commitment and passion for her work. Her work included the areas of child abuse, foster care, adoption and custody evaluation. Her skills as a supervisor made her well respected by her team and she guided DCFS through a reorganisation. She was a founding member of KEMH’s Child Protection Team and a member of the High Risk Inter-agency Committee. She contributed valuable input when various Acts related to child protection and adoption were revised and implemented. She was presented with a ‘Trailblazer’ award by the DCFS to honour the contributions and sacrifices she made as a Social Worker. Ms Edwards has devoted many hours to a variety of charities. Since her retirement, she has dedicated many hours of her time to facilitate SCARS training; since 2012 she has trained close to 2,000 adults in sexual abuse prevention. SCARS (Saving Children and Revealing Secrets) aims to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse. Ms Edwards is also a Director of the Board. Additional organisations to which she has contributed: reading mentor with YouthNet, assisting with BIFF Kids, Youth Protection Officer with the Rotary Club, and as docent at the National Trust Property, Verdmont, among others.

Catherine Lapsley: as Executive Director of the Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies (BFIS), Ms Lapsley worked tirelessly to support Bermudian students who are seeking further education and careers in insurance, a mainstay of our economy. In addition to shepherding a scholarship programme, she also mentors students, provides networking and resume advice, and even hones interview skills for job seekers. Ms Lapsley has been the Executive Director of BFIS since 1997, one year after it was established by industry leaders. She was the sole member of staff for a decade. BFIS has distributed $5.5 million in scholarship money to over 150 students, and most are now working in the insurance industry. Ms Lapsley has been instrumental in guiding programmes such as the mentor programme and the annual intern programme. The latter takes students to London, Chicago and Atlanta as well as Bermuda during the three-week programme. Ms Lapsley also works with those changing careers or newly graduated job seekers. She has touched thousands of lives through her efforts, and believes in developing the talents she sees here and make sure all opportunities are known. Her latest effort is the ‘one stop shop’ She found time to collaborate with the late Reggie Mong on Bermuda’s Heritage 1609 – 1984. The Bermuda Society of the Arts and Amnesty International have also benefited from her time and energy.

Queen’s Certificates Awarded to Recipients For Their ACBDA Service:

The organisation of the 2017 America’s Cup was a unique accomplishment. It was achieved through a combination of exemplary volunteer assistance and professional contribution.

The efforts of those involved in delivering and managing the America’s Cup resulted in the national image of Bermuda being considerably enhanced around the world. The America’s Cup would not have been achieved without the contribution of the recipients’ time, knowledge, professionalism, leadership and dedication.

Two America’s Cup groups are being recognised in the Queen’s Honours this year.

  • Group 1) Individuals who served as Chairpersons and in some cases as Deputy Chairpersons of the various America’s Cup Bermuda (ACBDA) committees.
  • Group 2) Individuals who worked extraordinary hours since 2015 to assist in delivering a successful America’s Cup to Bermuda and thousands of visitors to our shores.

Group 1:

Lt Col William White: As chair of the Security Committee, Lt Col White worked to plan and coordinate aspects of security on land and water for AC35, including public and private entities both local and international.

Steve Cosham: Serving as the deputy chair of Security, Insp Cosham, worked tirelessly in tandem with the Chair of Security to ensure a safe event for residents and visitors.

Arthur Wightman: As chair of the Legacy & Sustainability Committee Mr Wightman worked toward ensuring the America’s Cup sustainability in terms of economic development, social development, environmental protection and a long-lasting and positive legacy for Bermuda. Also as the leader of PwC Bermuda, Mr Wightman was instrumental in ensuring PwC’s unwavering support and sponsorship for the highly successful Endeavour Youth Sailing Programme.

Gary Madeiros: As deputy chair of the Legacy & Sustainability Committee, Mr Madeiros worked in tandem with the chair to ensure the lasting impact of the America’s Cup.

Michael DeCouto: As the chair of the Communications Committee, Mr DeCouto is cited for his leadership, management and coordination aspects associated with the on-island awareness and communications of the America’s Cup. Mr DeCouto and his team worked with relevant partners internally and externally to keep the public informed and updated on all America’s Cup activity and events as they related to Bermuda and the community.

Denise Riviere: As the chair of Local Business Opportunities, Ms Riviere worked with the ACBDA to lead a dedicated working group to connect local business opportunities with service providers.

Fiona Beck: As chair of the Telecommunications & Technology Committee, Ms Beck’s role was to address all aspects of telecommunications and ensure the Island’s infrastructure was prepared for all America’s Cup telecom and technology requirements.

Dr Joseph Froncioni: As chair of ACBDA’s Medical Committee, Dr Froncioni and his team coordinated all aspects of medical service coverage plans (medical, first aid, evacuation and clinical) required for the America’s Cup events including public safety on land and water in addition to medical and personnel and assets for race support.

Lt Col Brian Gonsalves: The delivery of a comprehensive transportation plan and ensuring adequate transport infrastructure for land, sea and air traffic during the America’s Cup events was the responsibility of the Transport Committee Chair, Lt Col Brian Gonsalves.

Tom Miller: As chair of the Volunteers and On-Water Operations Committee for the ACBDA, Mr Miller worked to coordinate comprehensive marshalling of the public as well as the coordination of on water and VIP spectator vessels to ensure an enjoyable and safe viewing experience for spectators.

Group 2:

A collective (or group award) Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour was awarded to the following ACBDA representatives:

  • Andy Cox – CFO and Accounts Committee Chair
  • Kilian Whelan – Chief Operating Officer
  • Mikaela Pearman – Communications Assistant
  • Andrew Dias – General Manager of Wedco
  • Shane Rowe – Head of Operations & Logistics
  • Greg Muir – ACBDA Consultant & Advisor
  • Dede Cooper – Concierge & Director of Hospitality
  • Alan Burland – Project Manager, Operations Manager
  • Adam Barboza – Project Manager & Lead for on the water operations
  • Vicki Abraham – Director of Communications & Marketing
  • Rob Wally – Director of Joint Agency Control Centre