Int’l Business Student Internships Provide Hands On Experience

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Nine member companies have joined forces to create a summer internship programme for students from the Berkeley Institute and CedarBridge Academy. The programme is the result of a new STEM initiative by the Department of Education Career Pathways and the Department of Workforce Development in par... Read more

BMDA: Doctor’s Unite to Get BHeC Act Scrapped

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Head of the Bermuda Medical Doctors Association (BMDA), Dr Henry Dowling has vowed to use “many voices” to “send a powerful message”, now that the disputed health Bill to monitor, license, and regulate healthcare service providers has been deferred pending more consultation with stakeholders... Read more

Former SCC Opening Batsmen Olin Jones On Cup Match 2016

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The decision to go with the same winning team came as no surprise to former Cup Match opening batsman Olin Jones, who is more than confident the defending champions will retain the cup this year. Both Somerset Cricket Club (SCC) and St George’s Cricket Club announced their teams over the weeken... Read more

Weekend Wrap Up On Taxi Protest

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The proposed introduction of rental cars for tourists vacationing in Bermuda dominated local news headlines this weekend from the streets to the House of Assembly. Proceedings on Parliament Hill were brought to an abrupt end on by House Speaker Randolph Horton in the midst of a Motion to Adjourn ... Read more

Senate Rejects Same-Sex Bill

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It’s back to square one after the Senate rejected the Human Rights Amendment Act, which was amended to solidify marriage as being between a man and a woman in Bermuda. This after four Government Senators joined forces with an Independent Senator to vote against the Bill. One Bermuda Alliance... Read more

BEST: On Rental Car Proposal

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The benefits of rental cars for tourists vacationing in Bermuda “may be a gift with mixed benefits”. In a statement released to Bermuda Real last night, Stuart Hayward of BEST, after “a deeper look” at the proposal said: “If we reflect to the unexpected/unintended effects of low powered... Read more

Missing $300,000 For Buses Prompts Questions In The House Of Assembly

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Two weeks after a Bermuda Real report on the disappearance of $300,000 for new buses that never made it to Bermuda, our exclusive report will be the subject of Parliamentary Questions in the House of Assembly on Friday. Minister of Economic Development, Dr Grant Gibbons, is due to provide oral re... Read more

Fahy: Car Rental Debate Put on Hold

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What looked set to be a heated meeting on Government’s plans to introduce car rentals to Bermuda may have been partially last night, when Transport Minister Michael Fahy announced the proposed legislation was being put on hold. Members of the Bermuda Taxi Owners and Operators Association and ot... Read more

Minister Awards Workforce Development 2016 Scholarships

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At a brief ceremony held on Wednesday, 34 students studying at the Bermuda College and at universities abroad, were presented with 2016 scholarship awards from the Department of Workforce Development by Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin. A spokesperson said: “This year’s recipient... Read more

Government Unveils New Design For Bermuda Airport

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The end product of drafting plans for the design of the proposed new airport for nearly a year were unveiled by Government on Thursday, at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute [BUEI]. Flanked by the Minister of Transport, Michael Fahy and representatives of the Canadian Commercial Corpora... Read more