Cafe Eden: One of Bermuda’s Best Kept Secrets

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Her culinary skills may be one of Bermuda’s best kept secrets, but for vegetarians and vegans whose choices are limited at local restaurants, her cafe and catering businesses are household names. Tucked in a small section of ABC Natural Foods on King Street in Hamilton you’ll find a menu like... Readmore

Bermuda’s Olympic Sailor Peter Bromby takes a look at America’s Cup

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There’s a host of ideal vantage points to watch the America’s Cup series live in Bermuda. But by far, one of the best spots, according to Bermuda’s Olympic Sailor Peter Bromby, will consistently be the elevated land on Scaur Hill, where there’s panoramic views of the Great Sound. Once ran... Readmore

America’s Cup: A Catalyst For Economic Recovery?

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After 24 consecutive quarters of cargo import declines, there are positive signs of economic improvement on the horizon for one of the most broadly held Bermudian shipping companies. Bermuda Container Line (BCL), run by Neptune Group Management Limited, oversees the weekly shipment of imported go... Readmore