Youth And Beauty Is Big Business Says Dr Kyjuan Brown

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Youth and beauty is big business worldwide, and it’s no different here in Bermuda. And there’s no limit to what some would pay to keep their looks youthful – even if it means injecting chemicals into their faces, or plastic surgery. For Bermudian Dr Kyjuan Brown, it has become a lucrative b... Readmore

America’s Cup – ‘Great White Hope’ Or ‘So Much More?’

Opinion   |   

On December 2nd the official announcement that Bermuda was going to be home to the 35th America’s Cup (AC35) was made, although the marriage had long before been consummated. And after reading and listening to some of the platitudes tossed out, “If there was ever a time for national pride it is ... Readmore

Miracle Twins Celebrate First Year after Rare Interval Births

Community   |   

Just over a year ago, fraternal twins Emyr and Esai Bean made medical history with their rare interval delivery in Canada. Both weighing over 20 pounds when they crossed their first birthdays, Bermuda Real has the update on the two toddlers born prematurely, eight days apart at the IWK Health Cen... Readmore

Millions Owed in Unpaid Child Support in Arrears

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Did you know delinquent parents in Bermuda owe millions of dollars in unpaid child support payments in arrears? In part two of a Bermuda Real series, Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe discusses the social spinoff effects in dollars and cents, right down to the life-long impact on the children who fee... Readmore

Salvation Army Christmas Hamper Drive

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Salvation Army Family Services staff and a host of volunteers are busy working flat out to meet an increased demand for food hampers and toys for children for Christmas. Distribution days begin on December 18 at a different venue this year due to damage caused by Hurricane Gonsalvo to the roof of... Readmore