Tobacco Bay Proprietors Set Sights on Off Season After Successful Year

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The proprietors at Tobacco Bay have set their sights on boosting business during the off-season months following a successful first season in Bermuda’s Tourism industry. Sales and Marketing Manager Belcario Thomas has high hopes for the east end beach concession when it comes to the revitalisat... Readmore

Millions Owed in Hospital Debt by Uninsured Residents Due to Unemployment

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Uninsured residents have racked up millions of dollars in unpaid hospital bills that has created the bulk of debt collection cases before Bermuda’s Civil Court. According to newly appointed Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe, it is the new social ill, compounded by unemployment, that needs to be arr... Readmore

Allegations of Unfair Banking Practices Prompts Investigative Talks

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Preliminary talks are now underway with the Bermuda Monetary Authority, the Ombudsman and Consumer Affairs, following a slew of complaints alleging unfair banking practices by three local banks. Several account holders, including senior citizens who don’t use computers, also contacted Bermuda R... Readmore