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Minister Speaks Out Against Public ‘Threatening & Intimidating Many Of Our Healthcare Workers’

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Without giving specifics, Health Minister Kim Wilson spoke out against what she termed "unacceptable, highly inappropriate and unfair" treatment of the island's healthcare workers by members of the public. Speaking at the latest COVID briefing on Wednesday (O... Read more

COVID-19: Fewer Active Cases & Deaths Over The Past Few Days

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With fewer active cases and deaths over the past few days, the Minister of Health, Kim Wilson says statistics have gotten better, the battle against the spread of COVID-19 in Bermuda continues. Speaking at the latest COVID briefing on Wednesday (Oct 20), the ... Read more

198 Medical Professionals Sign Letter Supporting Vaccine

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News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda - Another 96 medical professionals have now signed a letter in support of the COVID-19 vaccine, with the open letter now having close to 200 signatories. A spokesperson said: “Another 96 medical professionals have now... Read more

BOPP Set To Launch New Virtual Public Webinar On November 2

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News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda - A new virtual public webinar series hosted by the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme (BOPP) will make its debut on November 2nd at 6pm AST BEACH—the BOPP Environmental Awareness Chat Hour—is a free 60-minute panel discu... Read more

Expect 18 More Months Of Rising Energy Bills, UK Householders Warned

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The Guardian: LONDON, England, By Jillian Ambrose - The head of Scottish Power has said Britain’s gas crisis will keep driving energy bills higher until 2023, and could leave only five or six of the strongest suppliers standing. Keith And... Read more