Transport Minister Tackles Dockyard Bus Capacity Issues

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Newly appointed Transport Minister Michael Fahy will meet with public transport, tourism and Wedco officials today to thrash out capacity issues to transport thousands of cruise ship passengers to and from Dockyard. This after several complaints lodged by east bound west end residents left strand... Readmore

“Falsified Curriculum” For Bermuda’s Children? Medicine Or Poison?

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“…there is something dreadfully wrong with an education/socialization process that leaves us ignorant of our past, strangers to our own people, apes of our oppressors: and creatures of habitual shallow thought and trivial values.” From the Foreword of ‘SBA: The Reawakening of the African Min... Readmore

Summerhaven: Whistleblower Fired For Exposing Video

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The man who released a damning video of a disabled patient injured while being transported on Summerhaven’s bus, has been fired by the new administrator at the privately run facility. Roger Richardson, 53, was called into the office of Rick Wynn last Wednesday, to be released of his services af... Readmore

Cabinet Office to Relocate Temporarily

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Premier Michael Dunkley announced today that the Cabinet Office will be temporarily relocated to facilitate renovations that will see the removal of asbestos from the Front Street building. In a Ministerial Statement this morning, the Premier said the building, which is more than 230 years old is... Readmore

Record Fleet Of 196 Entries In 50th Newport Bermuda Race

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Junior Tourism Minister Kenneth Bascome announced today that there are 196 entries for the Newport Bermuda Race this year – the “largest and most diverse fleet of monohull oceangoing boats since the event was founded in 1906. In a Ministerial Statement he told MPs: “Only two other Newport B... Readmore

Author’s New Book Sold Out In Record Time

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This article was submitted by Bermudian author Mwalimu Melodye Micëre Van Putten at the invitation of, following the launch of her latest book, which is on sale locally at The Bookmart. Admittedly, she said she was “amazed” that the book, which retails for $55 ” sold out th... Readmore

BEST: Humble Unsung Hero Celebrates 74th Birthday

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One week ago today, a small, intimate gathering was held to celebrate the 74th birthday of Stuart Jackson Hayward, who was born in Bermuda on May 19th, in 1942. Despite heavy rain, several invited guests made their way to Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) offices on Cedar Aven... Readmore

Brown Water Remedy Cost Taxpayers $33,520

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Local taxpayers forked out $33,520 to rectify, or begin to address the brown water problem that plagued residents in Prospect and Cedar Park in Devonshire. Public Works Minister Craig Cannonier made the disclosure in the House of Assembly on Friday, in response to Parliamentary Questions by Oppos... Readmore

Police: On First Gun Murder In Bermuda In 2016

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Two men have been arrested in connection with the murder of 26-year-old Patrick Dill who was gunned down outside of his home on on Crosslands Lane in Pembroke, on Saturday, May 21st. In a statement released yesterday, Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines confirmed that two men are in police custody... Readmore

HOA: Update On Bermuda Status Applications

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As of January 1, 2013 to date, there were 523 applications for Bermuda Status pending, with another 317 approved under clause 20B(2)(b) provision of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956. Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin released the latest figures in response to Parliament... Readmore