Budget Tax Hikes Strains Small Businesses Already on the Brink

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A steady decline in business volume, coupled with more tax increases has placed small businesses like Bull’s Head Car Wash on the brink of extinction. Owner Art Riviere, 75, who formerly ran the Wok on Bermudiana Road for nearly a decade before opening the auto cleaning family business in 2005. ... Readmore

Premier Announces Referendum on Same-Sex Marriage

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Premier Michael Dunkley announced today that the people of Bermuda will be asked to decide whether same-sex should be allowed in Bermuda referendum. The announcement came about an hour after Community Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin tabled a draft bill on same-sex unions in the House of Assembly... Readmore

Burt: “Great Bermudian Exodus” will be the OBAs Legacy

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Shadow Minister of Finance David Burt told MPs the next Progressive Labour Party government “will stop the exodus of Bermudians that are fleeing the country because they cannot find work in Bermuda”. In his Reply to the Budget on Friday, Mr Burt said his party “will give Bermudians hope and... Readmore

Déjà Vu: Hunt’s Supermart, Deli & Liquor Store Shuts Down

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Another set of Bermudians have joined the unemployment line with the sudden closure of Hunt’s Supermart & Deli, and Hunt’s Liquors on Middle Road in Warwick this week. Staff were called into a meeting last Saturday and were told that the following Monday would be their last day. The store... Readmore

Empower Yourself With The Best of Health

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Could it be that our health care system is seriously flawed and fueled by fear? I believe we live in a fear-based society which feeds off the lack of knowledge and insecurity of the people. And I’m not just talking about our little Island; fear-based living is prevalent throughout the Weste... Readmore

Armed Robbery at Island Spice – The Aftermath

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In the aftermath of the armed robbery at Island Spice that saw a female cashier held and threatened at gunpoint, business at the Warwick roadside restaurant has taken a dive in a downward spiral. In an exclusive Bermuda Real interview, manager Mikko Ingham, a self-employed entrepreneur, said busi... Readmore

Friends of Hospice Contribute $5mi to Agape House Over 25 years

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To celebrate and commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Agape House, Friends of Hospice will host Hats, Hearts and High Tea at Fairmont Southampton’s Windows on the Sound on February 27th. Entertainment includes a contest for the “most marvelous, natural, and most unique hats”. Live music will... Readmore

Evictions – Can We Address The Challenges?

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“Trapped in the bureaucracy nightmare, real families suffer when the big banks and their servicers force foreclosures. The emotional toll on children packing up their rooms and on parents struggling to find a temporary roof is a deep one.” – Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Oxforddictionaries.com... Readmore

Bermudian Woman Allegedly Skips Island Via Stolen Passport

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Police are investigating the theft of a Bermuda Passport allegedly used by a young woman to skip the island on a commercial airline flight bound for New York. The 25-year-old single mother of two allegedly left Bermuda using her cousin’s passport she presented to US Immigration officials at LF ... Readmore

Larry Burchall aka ‘Number Bomber’ says Airport Plan is ‘Asinine’

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The airport redevelopment project announced by Finance Minister Bob Richards “continues to gather momentum”. In his Budget Statement in the House on Friday, Mr Richards said “construction will commence creating hundreds of jobs for Bermudians”. But well known columnist Larry Burchall, ... Readmore