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The Impact of Sugar & Processed Foods on Diabetes & Obesity in Bermuda

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The following report was published in 2016 - a special report brought to you by Northshore  Medical and Aesthetics Centre and the Bermuda Podiatry Centre - two leading health care providers in Bermuda.  

Kristin Burt Unveils Community Libraries

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On Monday, wife of the Party Leader, Mrs Kristin Burt unveiled nine community libraries to a room full of students and young children in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the PLP first victory.  As a part of the PLP’s weekend of even... Readmore

PLP TS: Bermuda Has Not Changed The Way That Work Permits Have Been Issued in 62 Years

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Did you know that Bermuda has not changed the way that work permits have been issued since the advent of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 62 years ago? That was one of the disclosures made by Governor John Rankin when he delivered the Progressive ... Readmore

Police: Ten Impaired Motorists Arrested Over Holiday Weekend

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Police arrested a total of ten motorists for impaired driving over the Remembrance Day holiday weekend, between Thursday night (November 8th) until early Sunday morning (November 11th). Eight motorists were arrested at road sobriety checkpoints and another tw... Readmore

PLP TS: Bermuda’s Tax System ‘Should Not Prevent Families From Taking Advantage of Lower Rates at a Competing Bank’

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Legislation will be tabled during this session to increase competition in the island's banking sector, to provide better interest rates on mortgages held by hard-working Bermudians. In the 2018 Throne Speech address, Governor John Rankin said: "The Governme... Readmore